Phyllis Wheatley eSports Club Pre-Season




WHO: Collaboration between Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, Minnesota Esports Club (provider of eSports coaches, connections to competition entrance, and use of gaming facilities throughout Twin Cities area) and Microsoft Corporation (technology equipment provider), with Sponsorship from Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. 


WHAT: PWCC’s DigitalTechWorks™ Academy (DTWA) is launching a Wheatley eSports Club that will introduce the community to the world of competitive gaming. This group will be geared towards youth between the ages of 12 to 19, and we will be providing Xboxes for gameplay, and welcome youth to bring their preferred gaming system (if desired). With time, we intend to be able to offer gaming computers to become competitive players in the league. Through partnership with MN Esports Club (MEC), our Club will have access to various competitions throughout the year. 


WHEN: Saturday June 5, 2021—12 pm to 2 pm 


COST:  No Costs.  Register costs covered by Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. 


WHY: eSports players typically have a strong aptitude in STEM subjects and self-learn computers, networking, servers, and game design. Electronic Sports (eSports) are competitive video games. Like traditional sports, eSports can be single-player or team-based. The competitive aspect builds character through self-improvement, sportsmanship, teamwork, tactical and strategic thinking, and skills. Youth will be able to tie together their passion for playing videogames, with STEAM learning—potentially sending them down a career pathway they may not have considered otherwise. 


HOW: We encourage in-person attendance at the weekly Saturday afternoon sessions to create an overall community feel for Wheatley eSports Club. The competition season starts on June 28th. Once that starts, players and teams will have regular practices 2 to 3 times per week and competitions are typically held weekly once the season begins. Matches may be remote, with players competing from their home, with players meeting at a local school or facility, or away, requiring transportation to another location.  





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