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Esports introduces students to the world of competitive gaming. This program gives youth ages 10 - 18 access to game consoles and equipment, opportunities to learn how to create video games and grow their programming skills, and participate in projects like a computer build and music production, all in a safe, healthy space after school and during the summer. Participants can also elect to participate in state and regional esports competitions. 

eSports players build a strong aptitude in STEM subjects and learn about computer networking, servers, and game design. Electronic Sports (eSports) are competitive video games. Like traditional sports, eSports can be single-player or team-based and helps youth learn self-improvement, sportsmanship, teamwork, tactical and strategic thinking, and other important life skills. Youth tie together their passion for playing video games with STEM learning — and gain the skills needed to follow a career path in technology, which they may not have considered otherwise. 

Our 2024 programming begins soon! 

For more information, email Amondo Dickerson, at


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