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If you don't already know about the Wheatley eSports Club, it's time we let you in on this awesome opportunities for all kids ages 12-18 to participate! 

Join us on September 16 at Phyllis Wheatley for ice cream, info, and a chance to see what eSports is all about, thanks to our newest partnership with the Minnesota eSports Club! 

And, register to join the club this fall, where kids learn via their favorite gaming pastime all about creating games, leveraging knowledge that comes naturally to them, and setting themselves up for careers in the ever-growing, high-paying tech industry. 

It's nothing but fun, so come check it out! 

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Wheatley eSports Club is a collaboration between Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, Minneapolis North Community High School, Minnesota eSports Club, and Microsoft Corporation. 


A part of our DigitalTechWorks™ Academy Wheatley eSports introduces students to the world of competitive gaming. This program is gives youth ages 12 - 18 access to game consoles and equipment, thanks to our partnership with North High, the new home to the Wheatley eSports program. Through partnership with MN Esports Club (MEC), our Club will have access to various competitions throughout the year.

eSports players build a strong aptitude in STEM subjects and learn about computer networking, servers, and game design. Electronic Sports (eSports) are competitive video games. Like traditional sports, eSports can be single-player or team-based and helps kids learn self-improvement, sportsmanship, teamwork, tactical and strategic thinking, and other important life skills. Youth tie together their passion for playing video games with STEAM learning — and gain the skills needed to follow a career path in technology, which they may not have considered otherwise. 

Summer 2022 eSports Club Schedule:

June 28th - August 9th

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1:00pm - 3:30pm

North Community High School, 1500 James Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Room 110/120

Door #18 (access from 15th Street N. and Irving Avenue), open 12:45 - 1:15pm;

to access the facility outside this time, contact instructors through Discord link below, or email XanderW@phylliswheatley.org

Snacks Provided! 

Sign up for the 2022 Summer eSports Club now. 


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Events and Activities | Summer - Fall 2022

September 16 | eSports Ice Cream Social, info session, and MN eSports Club Bus @ Phyllis Wheatley, 4 -6pm
Fall 2022 | eSports moves to Minnesota eSports Club headquarters, where participants will use state-of-the-art equipment and learn from the pros how to create games, compete in tournaments, and gain the skills needed to jump into a tech industry profession
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Wheatley eSports Club
Fall 2022

This Fall, turn a pastime into a learning experience.


Registration is open for the Fall 2022 Wheatley eSports Club session at Minneapolis North Community High School. 

Register Now!