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Women's Wealth Equity Building Initiative

Financial literacy leads to generational wealth. Start your journey toward economic stability and prosperity at Phyllis Wheatley. 

What is the Women’s Wealth and Equity Building Initiative?


Phyllis Wheatley Community Center seeks to close the racial wealth gaps for the African American community. This September, we are launching the Women’s Wealth and Equity Building Initiative to specifically respond to single, mother-led families' needs for opportunities to build wealth with expert, culturally appropriate financial education and advice.  


Join the PWCC Women's Wealth and Equity Building Initiative for free financial literacy and wealth building education classes. You'll leave the 10-week course with a 2:1 savings match (up to $2,000 from PWCC per $1,000 saved per family – over one year). This program is aiming to help single, female heads of households making $30,000 or less per year. 

Program benefits include:

  • 10 weeks of financial literacy courses from BuildWealth MN, covering credit, budgeting, homeownership, savings, and 3 financial literacy sessions

  • Free laptop computer

  • Savings matching with up to $1,000 saved by participate and a match of $2,000 (2:1 Match) towards a Bremer Bank savings account for eligible families.

Sign up for the program and please register by September 6, 2023, at

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