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Quality Parenting Academy

It's hard not to give up when mistakes have major consequences and hopelessness takes over. For families who have been separated when the legal system was forced to become involved, it can seem impossible for many parents to make the right choices in order to be reunited with their children.

Our Quality Parenting Academy staff understand the pain and guilt that come along with a legal intervention in families, and help parents whose families are caught in the child protection service system learn the skills they need to create stronger foundations and safer homes, giving them a second chance and helping to reunite them with their children, armed with the tools they need to give their kids the care and nurturing they require to grow into healthy, strong adults. 

Quality Parenting Academy of Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

Self-Referral Program: Empowerment for All Parents

Quality Parenting Academy has expanded this year, thanks to a generous gift to support a two-year plan that opens the program to parents not referred by Hennepin County. This may be those who have a CPS case pending and need to make some changes to avoid family separation, or to anyone who feels they can benefit from a supportive, self-affirming program where they can gain new skills and feel empowered as parents. 

The course curriculum can — 

  • Improve parental empowerment.

  • Increase positive parent practices.Foster healthy social connections.

  • Improve the child's behavior.

  • Improve parents' and children's wellbeing and mental health.

  • Decrease the use of severe punishment and child abuse.

  • Create a family routine.

  • Build a relationship with your child that is age- and developmentally-conscious for the best growth outcomes.

  • Increase and or develop trust within your family through activities that support relationships.

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Quality Parenting Academy

Self Referral Program

Raising children is the hardest job there is, and often parents need support and guidance along the way to empower them and provide them with a skill set for success. That is why PWCC is offering this invaluable curriculum to all parents who are experiencing parenting difficulties facing custodial challenges or just want to feel more confident in their parenting abilities! Join this 7–9-week course taught by licensed therapists today!

Quality Parenting Academy

PWCC’s QPA has primarily supported parents of African American children who have experienced some sort of trauma, neglect, or abuse that resulted in their being referred to the program by Hennepin County Child Protection.

But raising children is the hardest job there is, and often parents need support and guidance along the way to empower them and provide them with a skill set for success.

For this reason, QPA has expanded its reach to offer its invaluable curriculum to all who are experiencing parenting difficulties, facing custodial challenges, or just need to feel more confident in their parenting abilities.




The QPA program is administered by a licensed therapist and qualified staff to work with parents, teaching important skills that create stronger families and safer homes for their children.


Groups can meet online or in-person, and childcare is available for parents while they attend the sessions.

What to Expect

Each course of the Quality Parenting Academy equips you to feel more confident and be more effective in your parenting style, through the following components of the curriculum: 

  • Parenting Style & Defining Parent-Child Relationships

  • Effective Discipline & Creative Problem-Solving

  • Boundaries and Healthy Communication & Why Attachment is Important

  • Managing Your Stress

  • Family Disruption and other Behaviors

    • Social Media, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs

  • Restoring Hope Graduation


Interested in becoming one of Phyllis Wheatley's Quality Parents? Need more info?



Kimberly Caprini, Manager of the Quality Parenting Academy


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