H.O.P.E. for Families

We know that rebuilding and restoring balance after trauma is a difficult process, and Phyllis Wheatley Community Center is here to help.


H.O.P.E. - Helping Our People Evolve - are our restorative programs, which are designed to

meet people where they are on their journey

to restoration and help them along the way.


Each of our restorative programs are open to the public and available through various referrals. 

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The Helping Our People Evolve (HOPE) Youth program is a trauma informed youth diversion program in partnership with Hennepin County designed to give children positive, life-affirming alternatives to some of the choices they make, often resulting in complications in juvenile justice system. Youth meet weekly and engage in group intervention activities based on positive enforcement.

Our referrals come directly to us from Headway Emotional Health Services. 

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Anger Management for Women is an educational skill building, and support group that is trauma-informed and emphasized empowerment. This program is designed to help women understand the external and internal anger triggers that result in aggression, rage, and self-sabotage. Our approach emphasizes evidence-based approaches to emotion regulation, impulse control, social perspectives, awareness of cognitive distortions, and biases; and effective communication and problem-solving skills. The final product of the group is an individualized anger control plan."


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We empower men to advocate for themselves and learn conflict and stress management skills. Using asset-based techniques, support group participants develop a strong foundation and create support systems to meet life’s challenges. Our anger management and domestic violence programs are designed to help people live safely.

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Sometimes when the stresses of life outside the home enter the home causing strife, conflict, and impacts our ability to be the parents we all want to be.

Our Quality Parenting Academy works with families who are involved with the child protection system and works to keeps families unified in the home.

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School Success

Our School Success program works with children and families to maximize their child's chances at academic success through reducing truancy and helping parents make informed decisions about their child's educational choices.

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