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At Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, we work to create educational, recreational, and restorative learning opportunities for the people who live in our North Minneapolis neighborhoods and the greater Twin Cities area. 

Our services evolve quickly, always adapting and changing to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our community.

Our goal — To provide families with access to critical early childhood education, information and resources that exist to help, free tech training programs, youth programming, and educational opportunities that can stabilize lives.


Today, Phyllis Wheatley Community Center provides a number of culturally responsive, quality programs that provide lifelong learning opportunities and family services for children, teens, and adults in our mostly African American community. Our commitment to empowering our neighbors and belief in their many talents and potential for success are what drive us, and our mission, each day. 


We create  pathways for  individuals to  discover their  strengths and take  control of their  futures. 
Adult Basic Skills and Microsoft Certifications

Adult Basic Computer Skills and Microsoft Certification Courses 

These free courses are available to BIPOC people in the Twin Cities to help level up digital skills and offer courses for participants to become Microsoft Certified developers.


If you're looking for a career change, this is the place to start! Enrollments are taken at any time and courses are fully online and schedules are self-determined. 

Register today and get started on your pathway to a more prosperous future. 

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Star Tribune:

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center wins approval to reopen summer camp in Carver County

Residents of rural Watertown Township worked with the north Minneapolis nonprofit to resurrect the long-dormant Camp Katharine Parsons. 

Stories | Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

Camp Katharine Parsons ca. 1990s

Phyllis Wheatley Wins Approval to Reopen Summer Camp in Carver County

Star Tribune story