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For a century, the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center has stood as a guiding light for African Americans in Minneapolis. It has earned the trust of the community, serving as a place of cherished memories for grandparents and a vital resource for parents. This is a collective space, purpose-built for the community's needs, consistently adapting and evolving alongside its members.


Phyllis Wheatley Community Center strives to serve as a constant for families in our Northside community, a place they can go when they need help, hope, and healing; a place where they know their children are safe, learning, growing, and building skills for better lives; a place that belongs not to those who work here, but to the community. 

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center has, for 100 years, been a beacon for African Americans in Minneapolis. It's a place they trust, their parents turned to, and that their grandparents have fond memories of. IIt's a place that is theirs, collectively, built for them and always adapting and evolving alongside them.

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Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

attn: Katy Nelson, Senior Director of Development & Communications

1301 N. 10th Avenue | Minneapolis, MN 55411

EIN #41-0706132

Support Camp Katharine Parsons Capital Campaign by advising a grant or making a direct donation to our Phyllis Wheatley's Camp Parsons Restoration Project Community Giving Fund at Minneapolis Foundation!

Donor-advisors — you can make grants to PWCC through your fund. Just advise your fund administrator to make a gift to Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, EIN #41-0706132. 

Gifts of stock — Make your money work for the causes you care about, investing in the community you love and live in. Donations of appreciated stock carry two benefits: supporting the programs and the people you care about, while avoiding tax penalties on capital gains. 

Charitable IRA Distributions — It's easy to make a donation from and individual retirement plan, and it also carries tax benefits for you, To make a gift from your IRA, simply call your financial advisor or the person who administers your account and ask that they make a distribution to Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. It's that simple!

Include PWCC in your will — when planning your estate, speak to your attorney about leaving a legacy gift that will help support our mission when you're no longer able to. 


Please speak to your financial advisor about other ways you can support PWCC. 

Note: In order to qualify for maximum tax benefits for your IRA donation you must ask your advisor to make the distribution directly from your account. 

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

EIN #41-0706132

1301 10th Avenue N. | Minneapolis, MN |

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