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At Phyllis Wheatley, there's always something going on, whether it's a new, exciting program to create opportunities for folks in our community or a tried-and-true community service that is indispensable to the people we serve, we'll always keep you up to date right here, so check back often. You'll find learning opportunities, ways to get involved, and more.

Wifi Access for All 

Phyllis Wheatley is a Comcast Launch Pad. That means anyone who needs to access the internet can do it here! 

Thanks to our friends and partners at Comcast Media, we are able to offer this necessary services to our entire community. Just stop by and join our network.

You may also be eligible for Comcast's Digital Connectivity Program and the Internet Essentials Program which, together, give you and your family access to high-speed internet for free. The Affordable Connectivity Program was created to help ensure every school-aged kid was able to attend their classes virtually - and that assistance is still available.

If your family needs affordable internet access, or assistance with low-cost laptops, and PCs, go to to sign up. 


Digital TechWorks Academy

Learn more about our technology job skill training, eSports, and computer literacy programs and sign up.

COVID-19 Testing Clinic

Daily 4:00pm-8:00pm

Worried you might be sick? Every day between 4pm and 8pm you can stop by Phyllis Wheatley Community Center's Family Resource Center to take a no hassle, free, fast COVID-19 test and have your results in 24-48 hours. We are now offering RapidTests which take only a few minutes to process.

Help stop the spread.

Even if you're vaccinated, if you have symptoms, or you've been exposed to someone who has the virus, we recommend getting tested.  


Walk-ins are welcome.


Call 612-254-1145


COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

First Saturday of each month, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Let's get vaccinated!


We provides free, no-barrier access to COVID-19 vaccines at Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. Vaccines will be available through the end of June. 

Clinics are at:

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

1301 10th Ave N. Minneapolis MN 55411

There is a clinic coming up this Saturday, May 7.

Walk-ins are always welcome. To skip the line, please make a reservation by filling out the form below, clicking or scanning the QR code to the right, or  by calling 612-254-1145.

If you need transportation, we'll even pick you up!

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Get Vaccinated


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Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

1301 10th Avenue N.


Wheatley Trailblazers Senior Club

Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm

We welcome our elder neighbors and Phyllis Wheatley Alumni to get out of the house and come over! Each Saturday, you can come and check out the fun, enjoy light snacks, conversation, and activities with friends and neighbors.


Events are in-person and we require proof of COVID-19 vaccination and regular testing.

Registration is required. To join in the fun, please contact Kimberly Caprini at